Butters Stoch

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cartman gets an anal probe first apperiance Treehouses first speaking role

Created by

Trey Parker Matt Stone

Voiced by

Trey Parker


Linda Stoch (mother) Stephen Stoch (father)


Roman Catholic


4th grader Student at South Park Elementary

Butters is a south park character who is very funny and is often abused by his parents and cartman his super villain alter ego is professor chaos which he became in the episode Professor Chaos when he got kicked out of the groups trio.Butters was the 4th friend in the group when kenny died which was for about half of season 6 then eh was kicked out and replaced with tweek tweek however butters has still remained a main character and is often paired up with cartman who torments and bullies him.Often butters is the scape goat and is often blamed for everything.


Butters is a naive innocient kid often bullyd by most of the other kids however in the episode FatBeard it was reviled that only cartman bullyed butters at school.


Butters has blond hair and usually wears a blue coat.


Butters seems to be a okay student in school.

4th gradeEdit

Butters like all of the other characters was in the 3rd grade intill season 4 episode 4th grade when him and all of the characters went to 4th grade.


Butters is often abused by cartman and his parients his dad has gay bath house problems as seen in Butters Very own Episode when butters mom tryed to kill him, also he got bullied by his grandmother on the episode butterballs.


  • Be careful feelas i think this is the part were he's going to rape us! - Butters

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