Jesus vs Frosty begins with 4 boys building a snowman and, in the vein of Frosty the Snowman, putting a magic hat to come to life. unfortunately, Frosty turns out to be evil and deranged, sprouting huge tentacles and killing the Kenny-named Cartman-resembling boy by throwing him. This leads one of the boys to utter the first version of a line with recurs in countless South Park episodes: "Oh my God! Frosty killed Kenny!". The boys go to Santa for help, but he turns out merely to be Frosty in disguise. This time, he kills the Kenny-resembling boy, again by throwing him. The 2 remaining boys run away, and come across a nativity scene with a baby Jesus, who flies over to the evil snowman and defeats it by slicing off the magic hat with a hurl of his halo. One of the boys says another recurring line from the South Park series: "You know, I learned something today", and he and his friend realize the purported "true" meaning of Christmas: that is, presents. As a deer nibbles on kenny's corpse they go to their homes to find presents hidden by their parents.

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