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Kenny Mccormick


First appearance

cartman gets an anal probe south park jeuses vs frosty short

Created by

Trey Parker Matt Stone

Voiced by

Matt Stone


Kevin McCormick (brother) Stuart McCormick (father) Carol McCormick (mother)


Roman Catholic


4th grader Student at South Park Elementary

Kenny mc cormick is one of the four main characters in south park. in every episode intill the 8th season kenny would die and return some how and stan would say oh my god you killed kenny and kyle would say you bastards!.However trey parker and matt stone stoped this after the 8th season and kenny is only killed of sometimes.Kenny comes from a poor family and is often ripped on by cartman because of this.Kenny's parents are often drunk and are poor which makes kenny a target of cartman's insults.-Braydon Elliott (braydonut)


in every episode from season 1 to season 7 with the exception of a few such as mr hankys chirstmas special kenny dies and comes back for some reason in the next episode.However it is reviled in coon vs coon and friends that kenny cant die and his friends never seem to remember him dying.


Kenny is the main hero of south park often doing heroic things to save his friends.

4th gradeEdit

Kennys picture on south park archives

Kennys picture on south park studios

Kenny like all of the other characters was in the 3rd grade until season 4 episode 4th grade when him and all of the characters went to 4th grade.


Kenny goes to south park school with his friends.

He likes to poop.

Vigilante Activites Edit

Kennys super hero ego is mysterion kenny cannot die so he is the only member of the coon and friends besides mint berry crunch who acctually has a power.


Kenny knows the most about sex and stuff more then the other kids he also knows alot about perverted stuff and is often asked about that kind of stuff by the other characters.

Appearance Edit

Kenny always wears a orange hood and jacket that covers his face his face was reviled in south park, bigger longer and uncut the movie .


  • you stupid fatass - Kenny
  • Fuck u bitch


Mccormick Family

Kenny McCormick Kevin McCormick Stuart McCormick Carol McCormick Karen McCormick

4th Graders in mr garrisons class

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