Slender, Long straight brown hair, blue or green hairband, green sweater, dark blue jeans and black shoes


Bad and Good



Lola is one of the background characters in the 4th grade class, but not in Mr. Garrison's class. She is part of "the popular girls" clique in the class, along with Wendy Testaburger, Bebe Stevens, Millie, Rebecca, Esther, Annie, Heidi Turner,and sometimes Sally Turner. In her first appearance in "AWESOM-O" she was just a background character seen at the end of the episode watching a video of Eric Cartman and is seen sitting in front of Pip and next to Kevin Stoley.

In "Follow That Egg!", she was paired with Token Black in the class project where they had to take care of an egg. They were given a brown egg by Mrs. Garrison as a racist joke to Token.

In "The List", she is one of the heads of the list committeeand conspires with Bebe, Rebecca,and an unnamed black-haired girl to make Clyde popular so they can get free shoes. However, Wendy (along with Stan Marsh), manages to foil their plot.

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