Stan Marsh

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Created by

Trey Parker Matt Stone

Voiced by

Trey Parker


Randy Marsh (father) Sherine Marsh (mother) Shelly Marsh (sister) Grandpa Marsh (grandpa)


Roman Catholic temporally Atheist in red hot catholic love temporally Mourman in Mormans (episode)


4th grader Student at South Park Elementary

Stan Marsh is one of the four main characters in south park along with eric kenny and kyle his best friend is kyle broflovski.Stan has a girl friend wendy testa burger and is the main protagonist of south park he hates cartman yet dosint hate him as much as kyle and kenny and is his friend.He is loosley based of one of two south park creators Trey Parker.


Stan always wears a blue puff ball cap and a gray coat.


Stan is genreally a happy cool kid and the voice of reason in the group similar to kyle.


stan loves animals and once started a crew of fighters to stop whales from being killed in whale whores.Which makes cart man hate him.


stan doesn't like school like most kids.But not as much as cartman he gets mostley good grades in school.

4th GradeEdit

Kenny like all of the other characters was in the 3rd grade intill season 4 episode 4th grade when him and all of the characters went to 4th grade.

Viligante ActivitesEdit

In "Coon 2: Hindsight", he is part of the vigilante group Coon and Friends. His alias is Toolshed, and uses a power drill.


  • Dude what the fuck - Stan
  • Oh my god they killed kenny - stan then kyle will say you bastards!


4th Graders in mr garrisons class

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