Weight Gain 4000

Weight Gain 4000

Weight Gain 400 is the second episode of south park it aired on August 20, 1997.


Cartman won an environmental essay and he caint remember on what kyle stan and wendy are convinced he cheated.At the awards cermony Kathy Lee Giford will preseant the award the mayor is super excited mr garrison wants revenge mainly because cath lee giford beat him in a talent show along time ago mr garrison trys to kill kathy lee gifford however he is stopped by stan and wendy.The episode ends with wendy figuring out cartman just copied whittman and re rote the essay but every one else was to stupid to know.Mean will cartman keep gaining weight and became fater then ever the cops took mr garrison and his puppet mr hat to jail all though they thought it was mr hat because the cops are idiots.

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